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Tuition Exchange Export Families FAQ

  1. What is Tuition Exchange?

Tuition Exchange is a member-based scholarship opportunity.  It is NOT an employee benefit.  Each member institution has EXPORT and IMPORT guidelines.


  1. Who is eligible for a tuition exchange scholarship?

This is a question that must be asked of your TE Liaison Officer.  If you are not sure who your TE Liaison Officer is, click here.  This link takes you to the full membership list.  The list is in state order, then alpha by the school.  Click on your employer for TE Liaison Contact information.  Some member schools allow the employer, the employee’s spouse/partner, or dependent children.  Generally, those seeking a second bachelor’s degree or certification are not eligible.


  1. When does the application cycle begin?

Every TE member school has its own calendar, including application deadlines.  Dates are available in the search option.  Click here to begin your search process.  Please be aware that some schools have very early IMPORT application dates.  It is your responsibility to inform your EXPORT TE Liaison Officer of any early dates.  


  1. How does my student apply for Tuition Exchange scholarship consideration?

Tuition Exchange, Inc provides families the ability to complete the TE application online.  The EZ Application is not used at all TE member schools.  You are encouraged to listen to the quick pod-cast to ensure your EZ application is completed the first time correctly. 


  1. My dependent applied for an early admission decision; when will we be notified of the TE decision?

The early admission process does not mean that the tuition exchange decision will be made sooner than the announcement dates. All applicants are ranked academically to determine awards. Please review the general overview of how  Early Decision affects TE scholarship decisions. 


  1. Tuition Exchange terminology

EXPORT – the home/employer school

IMPORT – where the student is seeking a TE scholarship

Export Approved - your employer has shared the TE scholarship application with the schools selected on the application

Export Denied – your employer did not approve the TE scholarship application

Export Waitlist – your employer is not able to support your application at the current time.  This can be because the employee does not meet the eligibility requirements, or there are applications ahead of yours, which is causing a situation of waiting.

Imports Approved – your dependent’s TE scholarship application is approved, and if the student enrolls, she will be funded.

Import Denied – the student was not offered a TE scholarship at this school.

Import Waitlist – the student may be offered a TE scholarship.


  1. What is the next step?

You will be notified of the next step by the TE liaison after your application is received and your EXPORT eligibility is determined.  Please be aware this notification may be via email.  Be sure to read all emails and watch your spam box, too, for emails from noreply@tuitionexchange.org.


  1. Do I also need to apply for admission?

YES. All students must formally apply for admission to each college by the college’s posted admission deadline.


  1. Where do I find the TE Member Schools?

The TE Member Schools are listed on the TE website: https://telo.tuitionexchange.org/schools.cfm.


  1. Many families ask the question, “will my freshman Import be offered a TE scholarship?”  The

The EXPORT school is unable to provide any specific details for the upcoming TE award year; however, you are encouraged to ask questions of your Admission Counselors and review the variety of student consumer information available from each school your dependent is interested in attending.  The most crucial action your student needs to do now is to apply and be admitted to the schools where she is seeking any type of financial aid funding. 

  1. Are transfer students eligible?

DEPENDS. Specific policies such as “freshmen only” are noted by individual schools on the TE website, although most schools consider students at all undergraduate class levels.


  1. How many semesters does the TE scholarship cover?

TE awards are based on class levels with an eight-semester maximum for entering undergraduate freshmen. Sophomores would be awarded six semesters, and juniors would be awarded four semesters to complete degrees OR graduation, whichever is first.  Schools offering graduate TE scholarship opportunities generally offer the student a total of four semesters of eligibility.


  1. What is the value of the Tuition Exchange scholarship?

It is essential to understand that no monetary funds are exchanged.  The value of the TE scholarship is tuition OR Set-Rate, whichever is less.   TE member schools can reduce the amount of the TE scholarship by applying federal or state grant dollars, other institutional grants, and scholarships, and even outside scholarships.  Be sure to visit the IMPORT schools where your student is considering enrolling for the best understanding and clarification. 


  1. What is Set-Rate?

Set-Rate is the weighted average of all current Tuition Exchange schools’ tuition. 


  1. How much tuition is covered with the scholarship?

The TE website reflects the scholarship amounts at each school.  You must review each school where your dependent is seeking a TE scholarship as the amount of each scholarship can vary.


  1. I missed the TE  scholarship deadline, so what are my options?

Contact your TE Liaison Officer.

  1. Since I missed the application deadline, can my dependent apply for the spring term?

Again, you need to visit with your TE Liaison Officer.


  1. My dependent applied last year and was not awarded a tuition exchange scholarship. Can we apply again in the future?

YES. A new application is required for the next academic year.


    19. My dependent wants to add more TE schools to an existing application.  How is that done?

As shared in the 12-minute webcast and the TE EZ App instructions, should the student what to ADD new TE scholarship applications, a new application is required. 


    20. Do I need to reapply every year if my dependent was awarded a tuition exchange scholarship?

NO. There is annual recertification to verify that the employee still meets the eligibility requirements. 


    21. What happens to my dependent’s tuition exchange if I leave the university?

When you notify the EXPORT employer of your decision to leave, your TE scholarship may expire at the end of the current enrollment period.  For example, if you tell your EXPORT employer you are resigning July 1, your student’s eligibility expires July 1.  Likewise, if you notify your EXPORT employer you are leaving effective October 15, your student’s eligibility expires December 31.  Any further TE scholarship funding is canceled.


    22. My dependent has completed the TE application and applied for admission to the colleges; when will we be notified of the TE decision?

Notifications of admission must be determined before tuition exchange decisions are made. Each school provides its TE announcement date on the TE website.


    23. If my dependent uses the TE program, are they eligible to transfer if their original choice is not a good fit?

The TE scholarship is a scholarship, and the number of awards can be limited at each member school.  Start with your EXPORT employer to confirm the student can modify her TE application to include the new school.  If yes, ask the EXPORT school to alter the record.  NOTE this may mean the family completes a new TE application listing the new IMPORT school only. 

Remember TE scholarships are based on a variety of considerations, including academic success at the former school and if the IMPORT school has scholarship dollars available.  There is no guaranteed eligibility for Tuition Exchange at the new school.


    24. Does the TE program cover graduate degrees?

Export schools define dependent.  The individuals eligible for graduate degrees are the employee and their spouse or partner.  Each school sets its own guidelines for program eligibility.  Starting with your EXPORT employer to determine if you are an eligible export. If yes, then you have the ability to review TE member schools overviews to confirm if the school offers TE scholarship options to graduate students.  To minimize your search be sure to answer YES to the following questions only – First degree, Master, and Doctoral.


25. Is there a grade point average (GPA) requirement to continue in the program?

Each school sets its own guidelines for students. If there is a GPA requirement, the school will note it in the offer letter, the college catalog, and the student handbook.