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Continuing Tuition Exchange Scholars' Application Status

Current Tuition Exchange Scholarship recipients who are continuing at the same institution do not need to re-submit the TE EZ-Application each year. Continuing students must check with the EXPORT school to determine if additional paperwork is required.  A new TE EZ-Application should only be submitted if your student is considering transferring to a new Tuition Exchange school.  Students who wish to transfer are not able to transfer their current TE scholarship to the new school.  Instead, they must re-apply for Tuition Exchange through the new school who will then determine if they can be awarded it.  It is not guaranteed.   

As a continuing Tuition Exchange scholar, you may be curious if your TE scholarship paperwork is in order.  Re-certification of employees will begin in February 2025 for the 2025-26 academic year.   You can check the status of your TE Application by logging into your TE account. (Please note, TE Central cannot provide your email address to you if you do not remember it). 

Status Options:

  • Approved - the IMPORT school funded the student. 
  • New - the EXPORT school has re-certified the student’s TE scholarship application for the upcoming academic year; however, until spring grades are reviewed, the student will not move to the status of approved or rejected, depending on the student’s academic or social deportment status at the Import school.
  • Rejected – the IMPORT school is denying the student the scholarship.  Questions about why can be directed to the Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer at the IMPORT school.
  • Withdrawn - this action was completed by the EXPORT school’s TE Liaison Officer.  Most likely, the employee is no longer eligible.  Questions about why should be directed to the TE Liaison Officer where the parent or spouse is employed.