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Frequently Asked IMPORT Questions by TE scholarship applicants

Tuition Exchange Imports FAQ


1. What is Tuition Exchange?

        Tuition Exchange is a member-based scholarship opportunity, NOT an employee benefit. Each member institution has EXPORT guidelines and IMPORT guidelines.

2. Who is eligible for Tuition Exchange scholarships?

        Your dependent family member is eligible to apply for TE scholarships, provided the employee meets the eligibility guidelines established by the college. Ask your EXPORT TE Liaison Officer for the details, as the Export school determines employee eligibility. Eligibility is typically based on length of employment. 

        Some member schools allow the employee, the employee's spouse/registered domestic partner, or dependent children to apply for TE scholarships. For the employer's definition of dependent, ask the EXPORT school. Generally, once a dependent student completes her first undergraduate degree, she is no longer eligible for TE scholarship consideration. This is also true in the case of a second undergraduate degree. 

3. What is the first step in applying for a TE scholarship?

        TE scholarship applications are initiated with your employer/institution. Not sure who to contact? Click here. The process begins with the EXPORT TE Liaison Officer. If the employee qualifies, the EXPORT TE Liaison Officer is the employee's contact for the TE-EZ Online app process.

        Most schools use the TE EZ application – check with your EXPORT TE Liaison Officer to confirm. The TE scholarship can be highly competitive at some institutions. You should conduct a school search to understand the school's TE profile better. It is the student's responsibility to keep the EXPORT TE Liaison Officer informed of early application dates.

4. Tuition Exchange terminology

        EXPORT – the home/employer school

        IMPORT – school (s) where the student is seeking a TE scholarship

        Export Approved – the employee meets the employer's eligibility guidelines and  has shared the TE scholarship application with the schools selected on the  application

        Export Denied – the employee did not meet the employer's approval guidelines. For why – the employee contacts the Export TE Liaison Officer.

        Export Waitlist – your employer cannot approve the application for why - employee contacts the Export TE Liaison Officer.

        Imports Approved – your dependent's TE scholarship application is approved, and if the student enrolls, she will be funded.

        Import Denied – the student was not offered a TE scholarship at this school.

        Import Waitlist – the student may be offered a TE scholarship. For further information, the student contacts her admissions counselor at the Import school.

5. How can I track my TE application?

        Before submitting the TE-EZ Online app, screenshot the student section of the completed application. The following information is required to access the application after submitting it. 1. TEID entered 2. the student's email address and 3. the student's birth date.

If data errors are discovered after the application is submitted, the student must visit directly with the Export TE Officer. The student can view her application status online by clicking here.

6. Is there a deadline to apply for tuition exchange?

            YES. Both the EXPORT and IMPORT schools generally have application deadlines. Click here for school search options.

            The student must be admitted to the college to be considered for TE scholarships. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of and meet the deadlines. The student must ensure that the EXPORT TE Liaison Officer knows individual school TE application dates, especially for students applying via Early Action or Early Decision. Some school TE scholarship deadlines are as early as September 1.

7. When will I be notified of the TE decision?

            Admission decisions are made before tuition exchange decisions are announced. All first-year students are typically notified of admission notifications. TE decisions generally are announced before May 1 for first-year students. Transfer applicants will be notified after the most recent school's final transcript is provided to the transfer school. The student's responsible for requesting the final transcript be provided to the new school. TTE decisions for transfer students are typically announced on a rolling basis.

8. Should I apply for financial aid to be considered for a TE scholarship?

            Each IMPORT school has its guidelines regarding applying for federal and state grants. Click here for specific information on your school choices.

9. How many semesters does the TE scholarship cover?

            TE awards are based on class levels, with an eight-semester maximum for entering first-year students. Sophomores  could be awarded up to six semesters, and juniors could be awarded up to four semesters to complete degrees. In the case of students graduating early, no additional TE funding is available. For graduate students, generally, four semesters of eligibility are the maximum. TE scholarships are not available for dissertation hours. 

 10. Are transfer students eligible for TE scholarships?

            It would be best to ask this question when making a college visit to the college the student is considering transferring. Some IMPORT schools have specific policies, such as "first-year, first-time students only." These policies may be noted on the TE website.

11. Can I attend summer school and use my TE award?

            Generally, no. The TE scholarship program is designed to assist students when attending the traditional semesters/terms. Should a student utilize their TE scholarship during the summer, J-term, or other school-defined short period or enroll as a less than full-time student, they use one of their eight total semesters.

12. Is there any other paperwork required of me?

        Ask your Export TE Liaison Officer. There should not be any additional paperwork required at the Import school related to the TE-EZ Online app unless the TE application is incomplete.

 13. Can I use my TE scholarship to study abroad?

        The answer to this question is typically no. However, contact the Financial Aid Office at your IMPORT school for clarification.  

 14. Are graduate studies offered through Tuition Exchange?

        Each member school has eligibility guidelines. Generally, only the employee and spouse/registered domestic partner are eligible. Once the dependent completes her undergraduate degree, she is no longer considered a family dependent for purposes of financial aid.

 15. Is a minimum of semester credit hours required to maintain the scholarship?

        Most schools expect the student to be enrolled FULL TIME. Audited or non-credit classes do not count in the full-time computation. 

16. Is there a minimum required grade point average (GPA) to maintain the TE scholarship?

        YES. Each IMPORT scholarship has guidelines. Reading all information accompanying your financial aid and scholarship notification is essential. Another resource is your Admissions Counselor and reviewing the college catalog where the student is enrolled. .

17. Do I need to reapply every year for the scholarship?

       Generally, no. The EXPORT TE Liaison Officer completed an annual re-certification process to verify continued employment eligibility. The award is typically renewable through graduation or a maximum number of semesters, as discussed above, provided the EXPORT school re-certifies the student, and the required minimum cumulative GPA is met. Continuing students can review the status of their scholarship by clicking here. The information needed to check is the TEID and student email address provided on the original application. If that information is no longer remembered, the student needs to contact the EXPORT TE Liaison Officer requesting a copy of the initial TE application.

18. What happens if the eligible employee is no longer employed?

        The TE scholarship may be canceled in the current semester, depending on the employee's departure or termination date. All future funding is withdrawn.

19. Who can I talk to about applying to my IMPORT schools?

        The college admission office is the point of contact. Awarding Tuition Exchange scholarships is a separate process handled once the admission process is complete.

20I was offered other institutional scholarships at the same school; can I keep both?

        All financial questions should be directed to the Financial Aid office at the college you enroll and attend.

21.  Why doesn't my TE award appear on my billing/registration statement?

        TE scholarships do not credit unless the student is enrolled full-time. Full-time enrollment is at least 12 credit hours or the equivalent. Once your registration is complete, your TE award should credit to your student account. It is always the responsibility of the student to follow up to avoid late charges. 

22.   What is the percentage of newly admitted TE candidates offered a TE scholarship for the current academic year?

        The information is available online by clicking here. Select the prompts you are most interested in learning further. 

23.   Do TE member schools require my family to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form?

        Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an individual member school decision. Ask your Admission Counselor. As the name implies, the application is free and may open additional grant, scholarship, work, and student loan opportunities.