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Frequently Asked Questions for the 21-22 Enrollment Report

Beginning Thursday, September 16, all EXPORT TELO's with outstanding ADD STUDENTS will receive an email prompting you to ADD STUDENTS.  Once all students are added, you should not receive a new email.  The exception is when a new student is marked Enrolled by the Import school, and you don't take action before I send the email.  Please be prompt! Others are waiting on your action.  


Today's burning questions - I will update this page daily with the most frequently burning questions.

Please refer to this page before emailing Janet, as your question may already be answered.  Thank you!


Q. I am seeing students with the first name of UNKNOWN.  Who is doing that and why?

A.  When TE Central staff are in the system and discover a student with no first name, we make every attempt to add the first name.  However, sometimes the student's email does not allow for a first name to be determined.  Rather than leaving the name blank, UNKNOWN becomes the first name.  EXPORT schools can update the name; IMPORT schools cannot.  Import schools have two options - email the EXPORT TELO with the name and request to fix it, or email Janet with the TEID and first name. Janet will fix it.  And now you know the story of the UNKNOWN first name.  :)


Q.  A returning student is no longer on my 21-22 Enrollment Report.  Why and how do I get the student back?

A.  The most common answer is the student had an expiration date of 1.1.21 or 6.1.21.  Check your most recent Enrollment Report - Institution Account - Enrollment Report previous. Select the most recently completed academic year (2020-2021) and click Generate Report.  

    Now review the report for the student.  What is the expiration date?  If 1/1/2021 or 6/1/2021, the student WILL NOT appear on your 21-22 Enrollment Report.  The expiration date TRUMPS everything.  

    Contact the EXPORT TELO to confirm the student remains eligible for the TE scholarship.  If yes, send Janet the full details, including the new Expiration date.  Janet will add the record. Friends, this is why it is essential to confirm that each student's expiration date is correct. 


Q. When is the Enrollment Report due?

A. September 30!


Q. How soon do I need to pay my Enrollment Report invoice?  

A. The invoice is due upon receipt.  Please be prompt.  Late fees will be accessed starting in mid-November. 


Q. My Participation Fee Invoice (P-fee) says I owe for 20 students, but there are only 19 showing on the Enrollment Report.  What's the deal?

A. You placed a student on Leave of Absence.  Should the student not return in the spring, contact Kristine Lev, klev@tuitionexchange.org, for a refund in the spring.  


Q. The student's parent has a new job at a new TE school.  How do I update the export school?

A.  The student must complete a new TE application originating from the new EXPORT school.


Q. I added an import to my Enrollment Report. The student is now listed as both an export and an import.  Why?

A.  Remember, only the EXPORT school or TE Central can add imports.  The Import school does not own the record. 


Q. I have several students just waiting to be added.  How can I get the students added?

A.  Import TELO's are welcome to email the EXPORT TELO.  I am starting my everyday email campaign in hopes of getting the EXPORT TELO motivated.  Please EXPORT TELO - click ADD student. 


Q.  I attended Mandatory Training, but I can't find my Enrollment Report.  Where is the report?

A.  The Enrollment Report (Current) is located inside the Institution Account tab. Remember to click on the Enrollment Report (current), scroll to the bottom, and click submit.  The action engages your Balance Sheet. 


Q. I am not receiving any emails about students being enrolled.  What's up?

A.  The email address is info@tuitionexchange.org. Please be sure to add the email address to your safe list and check your SPAM regularly.


Q. The export school recertified students are scheduled to graduate in May 2022.  Now those students are in my View Submissions.  I don't want them there.  How do I get rid of these students?

A.  EXPORT TELO's, please do not recertify for 22-23 yet. Too many things can change.  IMPORT schools will need to open the record and if the student will NOT be eligible for TE in AY 22-23, enter 0 for the scholarship amount, l0 for the years, and NO for approved.  I suggest a brief note in the comments section, i.e., the student will graduate in May 2022.  


Q. I believe all is good on my report, but how do I know for sure?

A. Applications, Export application (new) ToBeEnrolled 21-22.  Any red notices?  Yes, add the student. No, all is good at the moment.

Applications, Import application (new) Approved 21-22.  Do these students appear on your Enrollment Report?  Yes - all is good.  No, please be patient. The Export school has not added the student.  


Q. The balance sheet looks different.  What's up?

A.  In the spring, TE Central announced the balance sheet requirement was eliminated.  There is still the expectation member schools will offer the opportunity of an import scholarship to at least three new students annually.  TE Central will monitor individual school activity, and in the case of large export numbers and little to no import activity, TE staff will be in touch.  For specific questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Bob Shorb, rshorb@tuitionexchange.org


Q. I have duplicates on my Enrollment Report.  One student record has a first name. The second record does not.  What do I do?

A.  The reason for the Duplicate record is a TELO had fat fingers.  Meaning the submit button was hit more than once.  In this case, please email Janet with the TEID and last name, asking her to delete the record without a first name.  (Are you singing the song, My bologna has a first name, it is OSCAR, my bologna has a second name, it is ...)  You are welcome.  :)  


Q. The new imports are not on the Enrollment Report. I marked ENROLLED.

A.  Great, the EXPORT school has to ADD the student - please be patient


Q. I am the Import school, and I added the student. Now the student's Export school is his Import school.

A. Import schools MARK ENROLLED ONLY.  If you did this, email Janet the student's TEID and the name of the EXPORT school.  Janet has to fix the record.


Q. I can't access my Enrollment Report.  The system says I have yet to complete Mandatory Training. I did so.

A.  If you attended Mandatory Training as a recorded event, you must email Janet to engage your account.  Please do so.

     If you attended a live session, Janet missed you.  Please email Janet to engage your account.  I am sorry I missed you the first time around.


Q. George is still on my Enrollment Report.  He is no longer enrolled.  What do I do?

A.  Open the Enrollment Report, click on the student's name, then again, now scroll to the bottom and click DROP at the END of LAST semester.  The student is not enrolled this semester.  


Q. Suzie is taking a Leave of Absence this semester.  What do I do?

A. Open the Enrollment Report, click on the student's name, then again, scroll towards the bottom and look for LEAVE OF ABSENCE, click yes, and update.  Remember, you are responsible for updating the student's account in the Winter/Spring term when the student returns.  Should the student take an entire year off, the student completes a new TE application starting with the EXPORT school. 


Q.  Jon attended XYZ school last year and has transferred to ABC school this year.  When I try to ADD the student, the system tells me the record already exists.  What do I do?

A.   Review your current Enrollment Report.  Most likely, Jon's record has not expired.  See the George example above to expire the XYZ school record. Once expired, The Export school should be able to ADD the record with no issues.  


Q. My Participation Invoice reports $80.00 in Export Participation fees. However, there is just one student listed.  What is wrong with the report?

A. Great question. One of your Export students has taken a Leave of Absence at her Import school.  IT is working on commenting out the charge.  Please wait a day and resubmit your Enrollment Report.  The error should be fixed by September 17.  If you experience a similar error after September 17, please email Janet.  


Below is the email sent via the listserv Wednesday before noon Central time.  If you did not receive the email, please check your SPAM account.  If not there, please email Janet. I will review our listserv to make sure you are there.  Lately, I have been adding and deleting at least 20 TELO accounts daily. Phew! It is possible I missed one or two along the way.


If your initial Enrollment Report is accurate and complete (meaning all imports and exports have been added), follow the steps below to complete the process and pay your Participation Fees.


September 30 is the magical day to have your initial Enrollment Report and process your initial Participation Fees.


To access your Enrollment Report and Participation Fee (PFee) invoice: Institution Account, select Enrollment Report (current)


  1. Open your enrollment report and make sure it is complete
    1. Are all Imports - new and continuing appearing?  
  1. Import schools confirm all students Are Enrolled.
    1. If a continuing student did not return, update the expiration date
    2. Click on the student's name, then again, and select DROP at the end of LAST semester.                                                 
  2. Export schools confirm all new EXPORTS have been added.
    1. Applications 
    2. Export Applications - New
    4. If the status is enrolled, the student will appear on your Enrollment Report.
    5. If the status is  ACTION is required by the Export school. Refer to September Training materials by clicking here.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your Enrollment Report and hit SUBMIT
  1. Your PFee invoice generates automagically.
  1. Choose one of the online payment buttons or print for payment by check. The invoice is due upon receipt.

Thank you for your prompt attention to completing and submitting your initial Enrollment Report and paying your PFee invoice.


REMEMBER to print a copy of BOTH the Enrollment Report and Participation Fee Invoice.  The report and invoice are organic. When one TELO makes a change to a shared record, both school reports are impacted. 


Please write to Janet if you have questions about your enrollment report - jhanson@tuitionexchange.org.


If you have questions regarding your membership dues or participation invoice (or need an invoice number), write to Kristine - KLEV@tuitionexchange.org.