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Special Programs and Options

Double Credit 3 (DC 3)

Tuition Exchange members who are also members of any of the approved exchange programs can receive credit for up to three new students imported annually through another exchange program. A $45 fee per imported student is for participating in the Double Credit 3 option. The charge is included in your Enrollment Report.

The following are TE-recognized approved Exchange programs

  1. Council of Independent Colleges 
  2. Council for Christian Colleges and Universities 
  3. Catholic College Cooperative Tuition Exchange 
  4. Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities 
  5. Evangelical Lutheran Churches in America 
  6. Associated Colleges of the South 
  7. Great Lakes Colleges Association 
  8. Associated Colleges of the Midwest 
  9. Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities 
  10. Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities 
  11. International Association of Baptist Colleges & Universities


E/I 3 allows each TE member institution, in satisfactory administrative standing, to export three students each academic year regardless of balance and number of annual incoming imports. Member schools may export annually up to three students, regardless of balance. TE member schools participating in the E/I 3 program shall annually award TE scholarships to at least an equal number of E/I 3 admitted students eligible for TE import up to three for balance purposes. It is possible that an E/I 3 school successfully exports up to three E/I 3 students annually but is not equally successful in importing students. Provided the TE member school has made a good faith effort to advertise and provide TE import scholarships to all qualified, eligible import students, the school has met the expectations of TE Central. There is no additional cost to participate in the E/I 3 program.

This program is expiring June 2024.

Members offering full housing for the full academic year as part of their TE award package to all imports in a given year will earn one credit per semester of import credit for each student accepting and living on campus free of charge and receiving a Tuition Exchange award.  This credit is posted annually on the balance sheet for each student imported and residing in on-campus housing. The 2023-2024 Academic year is the last year housing credit will be available, 

If you have questions regarding sign-up, please get in touch with Janet today at jhanson@tuitionexchange.org