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Procedure for Institution Withdrawing from TE membership

Procedure For Withdrawing From TE Membership
  1. A senior administrator must state in writing, either by email or US mail,  the institution's intent to withdraw from TE membership in writing to the TE President.
  2. TE Central will review the school's TE records. 
    1. If the TE member's record of exchanges is in balance, or imports exceed exports, and all scholarships have been completed, the Executive Director will send two copies of the formal TE withdrawal agreement for the signature of the institution's president.
    2. Once the signed documents are received with original signatures, TE's president signs both originals, retaining one for the TE files and returning one to the school.  It is at this point the institution's membership with TE ends.
  3. If the TE member's record of exchanges is not in balance, a waiting period commences.
    1. During that waiting period, the institution must accept qualified imports, pay annual TE dues, and continue to complete and submit the Enrollment Report and Participation fees.
    2. Once the TE member's record of exchanges achieves balance, all scholarships have been honored, and Annual Dues,  Participation Fees, and Annual Reports are completed,  the institution may immediately withdraw, following the procedure in bullet 2 outlined above.
  4. An institution that withdraws from TE with a record of exchanges that has more exports than imports, the school must wait five years before rejoining TE
  5. If an institution rejoins TE, it will begin its membership with the same exchange balance it had when it withdrew.


Kristin R Tichenor, President