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TELO August, 2014 Newsletter

August, 2014 TE Newsletter

  1. Annual dues are now due, in fact they were due July 1.  If you have not submitted your invoice for payment – please do so soon. Currently TE Central is not able to accept electronic payments.

            If you aren’t sure if your school has paid – you can check by doing the following:

  1. www.tuitionexchange.org
    1. Liaison Officers
      1. Log in to your TELO portal
      2. On the left – blue section Dues and Fees Section
      3. Run Membership Dues
        1. If paid you will see a paid date and 0.00 balance.
          1. TE Central has a lag of approximately 7 business days so if your school paid within the past 10 days, please wait a week and check again.
  2. Dues questions should be directed to Kristine Lev at klev@tuitionexchange.org
  1. If you have a late 2014-15 applicant that you wish to approve; it is now a MANUAL process.
    1. Confirm that the “other” school (either export or import) agrees to support the applicant.  Keep notes on this, just in case.
    2. Once positive confirmation is received, one school needs to ADD the student to the Annual Report.
    3. www.tuitionexchange.org
      1. Liaison Officers
        1. Log in to your TELO portal
        2. On the left – blue section Reports Section
        3. Select ANNUAL REPORT
          1. Look below the school name, in the middle for ADD
          2. Click on ADD and complete the information
            1. You must select both the IMPORT and EXPORT school.
            2. Hit submit, refresh (Control +R) and re-open the Annual Report.  The student should now be on the report.
  1. Anxious to add potential 2015 -16 applicants?  You must process your Annual Report first.  You can run the report to open up the year now and update later.  Once you confirm who is enrolled for the 2014-15 academic year, you can always update the report.  In fact, you should review this report shortly after the Spring semester begins too.
  1. As a reminder, until you process your Annual Report, your Balance Sheet is not available. Annual Reports are due no later than October 30, 2014.  Our September 11, 2014 webinar’s focus is completing your annual report.  Check out the TE Training Calendar – front page of the website – lower right hand corner for sign-up information.  TE Central will be sending out individual invitations early September.
  1. As a reminder, once you determine your Annual Report is accurate but sure to submit it.  Also, don’t forget to run and submit your Participation Fees invoice.
  1. Our August, 2014 webinar recording, handouts, power point and questions asked are now available inside the Resources Bucket; TELO Only Section.  Remember the login and password are generic.  TELO@tuitionexchange.org  TELO14.
  1. If your school plans to participate in the E/I 3 program – don’t forget to sign-up.  It is question number 7 on your institutional profile – inside the TELO portal.  TE Central will not assume schools are participants – schools must respond with a YES!
  1. This summer, with the able reviewing assistance of Brenda Hicks, Southwestern College – KS, TE Central created import and export checklists.  We designed these with the student and their parent(s) in mind.  They are available for your use, modification, branding, etc. inside the Resources bucket. Thank you Brenda!

We hope that you find this information helpful.  Please be sure to make sure your TE member profile is current.  We need the primary email address, secondary email address and your profile up-to-date.  As we post your dues, should TE Central find missing or incomplete information we will be in contact.

Ready or not!  School is or has started!!!  Thank you for all you do for students and their families…

Questions or suggestions – please contact Janet Dodson at jdodson@tuitionexchange.org