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Sample Memo to Campus Communnity

TO: Alpha Community
FROM: Betty Smith
Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer
DATE: October 12, _____
RE: The Tuition Exchange Program

Alpha College is beginning its ____ year as a member of the Tuition Exchange (TE) Program. The TE program provides the opportunity for eligible family members of faculty and staff to receive undergraduate (and/or graduate) scholarships at one of the participating member institutions. A list of over 586 colleges and universities that participate in the TE program can be found on the TE website: www.tuitionexchange.org

The TE program is a scholarship program, not a fringe benefit provided by Alpha College. Only __________ (full-time) faculty and staff who have completed ____ (three, four, etc) employment with the College are eligible to apply for participation in the TE program. Certification for the TE program does not guarantee acceptance at a TE member institution or insure a TE scholarship. It is possible that not all of the eligible employee family members interested in seeking Tuition Exchange scholarships will be certified as TE Candidates (sponsored) by Alpha College. TE is a reciprocal program and we are required to balance the number of individuals sent out on the exchange (exports) by an equal number of imports over the most current five-year period. If it is necessary to limit certification of TE Candidates to a subset of eligible applicants priority will be based on ______________ (employee's seniority, weighted lottery based on seniority, first come first served, etc.)

If you have a family member hoping to use the TE program contact my office when you begin the college search process and pick up materials. In late spring but no later than September 15th of the academic year preceding the first academic year to be covered by the scholarship you should register the name of the family member wishing to be considered for certification as a TE Candidate. We will make commitments to sponsor candidates in October and will move rapidly to send the necessary form to the institutions selected. Please be mindful of the fact that at some schools TE Scholarships are competitive and certification does not guarantee a scholarship offer.