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Tuition Exchange

Prospective Membership


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Membership in The Tuition Exchange is open to any regionally accredited public or non-profit institution of higher education. Schools may apply at any time during the year.

The Benefits
As a Tuition Exchange member, you participate in a program that makes a career at your school more appealing and a degree at your institution more affordable. Members tell us our scholarship program helps them attract talented faculty and staff and enroll top-tier students. The opportunity to earn full tuition or substantial scholarships at 660+ member schools proves a strong draw!

For more details on the many ways The Tuition Exchange can benefit your school, click here.

A Look at Our Members
The scope and diversity of our membership create a program that is unrivaled in its reach.

More than 660 institutions of higher education are members of The Tuition Exchange, representing 47 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and several other countries.

Our diverse membership provides students a wide range of school choices. Member schools range in size from 250 to 50,000 students, offer a wide range of degree programs, and reside in diverse geographic settings – from large cities to suburban and rural environments.

Type (Carnegie Groupings) Number % of Category
Public Institutions 14 2%
Private Institutions    
Doctoral Research Universities 51 45%
Masters Colleges & Universities 272 72%
Baccalaureate – Arts & Sciences 133 58%
Baccalaureate – Diverse Fields 101 42%
Specialized, Associate & Other 41 16%

Member Obligations
As a member of The Tuition Exchange, you agree to take on the following responsibilities:

  • Establish policies and guidelines governing employee eligibility, with a priority mechanism for selecting final candidates if demand exceeds the number of slots available.
  • Establish a process to determine which candidates nominated by The Tuition Exchange members will be awarded scholarships.
  • Appoint a Liaison Officer with administrative responsibility for the program. This is typically an employee in your human resources, enrollment or academic affairs department who will serve as your point person and program coordinator.
  • Follow reciprocity rules to maintain a positive balance on the school's most recent 5 years exchange history.  TE member schools that export 3 or less students annually are exempt from the exchange balance rule.
  • Offer full-tuition scholarships or an optional set amount for schools with tuition that exceeds the set amount ($34,000 for 2016-2017 and $35,000 for 2017-18) or one-half tuition scholarships for non-residents at public institutions.
  • Honor all continuing commitments.

More details are included in our Membership Packet, available from the exchange office.

Membership Fees
Initiation Fee $350 (one-time charge)
Annual Dues



Participation Fees  

$40 per successful exchange

How to Join
An officer of your institution should send a copy of the membership application including web site address, to:

Robert D. Shorb, Executive Director
The Tuition Exchange
3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700
Bethesda, MD 20814

You can also submit the completed TE application via e-mail to rshorb@tuitionexchange.org

Regionally accredited public and non-profit institutions of higher education will be considered for membership at any time during the year. The Tuition Exchange agreement is available by clicking here. You should return one completed and signed copy by mail or scan and email to The Tuition Exchange (infor@tuitionexchange.org) with payment of your one-time initiation fee of $350.