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Tuition Exchange Central offers May 1 Seat Available Service for 2019

Tuition Exchange’s 2019-20 space available service:

The 2019 space available service is designed to serve as a tool for Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer’s and TE member employees to assist students who have yet to complete their college admission and TE process.

Tuition Exchange Central queries TE member institutions regarding their TE space and award availability on May 1. This date is significant because applicants who have received acceptances from colleges and universities have until May 1 of each year to accept the offer of admission from the institution they choose to attend. After May 1, colleges can assess if they have space to accommodate additional applications from potential students.  May 2014 was our inaugural year and each year the number of schools and seats has grown a bit.  We hope that you will visit with your Admissions and Enrollment staff, your Financial Aid Office and Human Resources to confirm spaces and funding are still available. 

Tuition Exchange Central has created a FACT SHEET for Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer's to print and share, or post and share with TE member eligible faculty and staff. Click here for the most up-to-date list of TE schools with reported openings.  

It is important to visit with your Director of Admission and your Financial Aid Office in advance of completing the information below.  Please visit with your Director of Admission and Financial Aid Office before making a final decision to participate or not.  Many TE schools are listed each year on the NACAC list and not on the TE list.  Schools communicating across the aisle often see more positive results.  All schools who wish to participate and listed on the May 1 space available list should complete the entire form.  Thank you!

Tuition Exchange 2019-20 Space Available Service

  1. My School will participate in the Tuition Exchange 2019-20 Space Available Service
    1. Yes, my school will participate
    2. No, my school will NOT participate

If you answer YES above - please provide answers for EACH of the following questions.

  1. My School will offer each TE scholarship the selected tuition award.
    1. Tuition (required if your tuition is less than the Annual Set Rate)
    2. Set Rate (for 2019-20 $37,000)
    3. Other, list the amount  
  2. My School has seats available for 2019-20

    3. My school's full name, city, and state are:


    4.  My name is:


    5.  My email address is:


    6.   School Website Address:


Please be reminded, TE does not provide the exact number of available TE awards or the TE award amount.  This information is strictly for TE Central's use.  

Thank you!  Questions - please contact Janet Dodson at jdodson@tuitionexchange.org