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Who is eligible for Tuition Exchange?

In order to be eligible to apply for Tuition Exchange scholarships, the student must be the dependent of an eligible employee at one of the 672 plus member schools.  If you or an immediate family member is not an employee of an eligible TE school - you do not qualify for Tuition Exchange benefits. 

If you find yourself no longer employed by the school, you are typically no longer eligible for this benefit.  If in doubt, contact your Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer at the school where you were employed.

If you or an immediate family is an employee of an eligible TE school please visit with your Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer (TELO).  To find out who your TELO is, visit our front page (www.tuitionexchange.org) then click on the Families tab (second from the left) and select Member Schools.  Under the Section Membership Page, you can scroll to find your school of employment.  Click to display the name and email contact.  Your TELO is the best place for EXPORT information.  

If you are considering applying at a TE school in order to receive TE benefits, please understand there are often times requirements for years of service and in some cases the type of employment you are seeking.  For example, adjunct faculty generally do not qualify.  Many schools contract out their food service and maintenance services.  In these cases, you are typically not considered an employee of the college. 

Tuition Exchange Central is unable to provide you with answers or guidance regarding employment decisions.  Please contact Human Resources at the school where you are seeking employment.  They are your best resource. 

Thank you for your interest in Tuition Exchange.